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It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would highly recommend you and your company to my family and friends. If I ever have the need for propane for home use again, you will be the first call I make. I am in the service business as well and I don’t think I have to tell you how rare it is to find in the world today a company and their employees that do what they say they will do.

Best Regards,
Jim French



Randy and the Diamond Propane Team;

I just wanted to “THANK YOU” for the recommendation to put in the
tank-less water heater.

It was an out of pocket expense up front but with all the rebates from
Michigan Gas Assoc. and the rebates on the Federal and State Income tax I
was paid to put the system in my home.

Check it out: Michigan Gas Assoc: $500.00 rebate Federal
Income Tax rebate $ 800.00t and State Tax rebate $380.00 Tax total of $
The entire system was $1200.00.

I have been watching my electric bill for the past year since the new water
heater went in. I dropped my electric bill on average of $180.00 a month.
I was averaging an electric bill of $285.00 to $310.00 a month. Now I
run around $105 to $110.00 a month. Only change has been the water

I then worried about how much would my gas bill go up. We kept track of
the usage for 2011 and 2012 did you realize our gas went up 42 gallons
for the year. With gas at $2.25 a gallon on average x 42 gallons total
gas cost went up $ 94.50 a year. So I raised my gas $ 7.87 a month
for $ 180.00 savings a month on the electric bill.

I owe it all you and your team. Thank you so much for looking out for my

It is so nice to know we have friends that care.
Jack and Wendy Cisler



    I wanted to take a minute to let you know what I think about the Schaeffer Supreme 7000 20W50 engine oil I purchased from you in May of 2012. I have 92,000 miles on my 2000 Harley. The engine was rebuilt by the factory during the winter. I have many hours and different riding conditions with this bike. With this oil in this new engine I am very happy with everything, and most of all the noticeable cooler engine temp. The oil pressure is good and there are no cold start noises it has not taken on dirt the same as the Harley oil either. As you know oil never goes bad it just gets ‘dirty’ from excessive heat allowing the oil to take on ‘dirt’ from the combustion of the engine.
    All in All this is some (good stuff)
            John Sturgis


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